Our Products

At Baker Bennett we take care of a variety of ambient baked goods for supermarkets, discounters, foodservice companies, wholesalers and more. Here are a few of the main types of friendly favourites we’re responsible for in your local stores.

Baker Bennett home brands sweet biscuits


What would life be like without cake?

One of our favourite categories. We look after fruit cakes, cake loaves, crumbles, fruity bakes, almond fingers and far too many more favourites to mention.

Savoury Biscuits

Something to put your cheese on or snack on for lunch? We’re big on crackers.

Melba toasts, crispbreads, and lots of other crunchy tasty delights to eat as a snack, or to top with your favourite spread or a slab of crumbly cheese.

Baker Bennett home brands savoury biscuits
Baker Bennett home brands biscuits

Sweet Biscuits

We put the peanut cookies in your supermarket. Thank us later…

Supermarket favourites, the peanut cookie, are managed by us. We also look after a range of sweet biscuits, fruit bakes, and breakfast bars.

Home Bake

Making a trifle? Then you’ll be familiar with our sponge fingers.

A 70s staple, the British Trifle, wouldn’t be the same without sponge fingers.  If you’ve made a trifle, chances are we’ve been a part of it. Also part of the mix are pastry cases, flan bases, meringues, and much more.

Baker Bennett home brands sweet biscuits
Baker Bennett home brands seasonal bakes


The nation’s favourite, The Mince Pie, is a proud staple of our seasonal product mix.

We look after many of your local store’s own brands, and some special labels too. Our mince pies are proudly sold within Asda, Tescos, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and more.