About Baker Bennett

Our company was founded in 1994.

From our simple beginnings as a UK agent, our role was a simple one. Account Management on behalf of our agency principles.

From these humble beginnings, Baker Bennett over time, evolved into a full service consolidator with unrivalled technical expertise and focus. Connecting bakeries from around the globe with the UK’s largest retailers, wholesalers, discounters and food service companies.

About Baker Bennett

Over time, we became more technically driven, while never losing the heart of our business.

Our technical expertise and bespoke software meant we could deliver a myriad of services crucial to our suppliers’ continued growth. These included audit preparation, private label product development, logistics, and full-service supply chain management.

We managed all of this by forming a network between suppliers and customers. We utilised the latest technology, engaged in training with our retailers to create a more efficient distribution system, and developed category partnerships with the largest UK supermarkets.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – to get more sales for our suppliers. To do this, we take a lean management team with decades of experience in the industry, combine it with the most accurate data for market trends, and build strong, long-lasting relationships with retailers.

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Our Vision

Our vision is two-fold. For our suppliers, we want to let our bakers bake, while we handle the rest. For our customers, we want to connect the UK market to great international ambient baked products.

Our Accreditations

We are accredited by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and Campden BRI, as well as being a Member of the FSA.

Baker Bennett home brands

Charity Work

Every six months, we choose a new charity to support – one voted on by our team – and make a donation of £1000 to that cause. We have been able to support many charities by doing so, including Cancer Research, the British Heart Foundation, Manchester Children’s Hospital, Crisis, the Samaritans, and local hospices, among others.

Why Choose Baker Bennett?

We are a small team of industry professionals that know what we’re doing within the ambient baked goods sector.

We are fast, flexible, and quick to adapt to change. We combine decades of hands-on experience in the field with the latest technology to automate repetitive tasks. This keeps our key team members free to make strategic decisions.

We always work for the good of our suppliers, putting the best baked products through the right channels. We let you grow at a scale that is comfortable for you, but are there to support you if you want to push further.

Most of all, we treat people right – whether you’re a member of our team, a baking partner and supplier, or a retailer and customer. This is a business built on relationships, and we build them to last.

Get in touch

If you want to learn more about Baker Bennet and how we can help you, either as a supplier or a retailer, contact the team today. Call us on 01706 650 356, or drop us an email to sales@bakerbennett.co.uk to arrange a meeting.